Saturday, June 18, 2011

North Carolina, a birthday, and a new arrival.

Two weekends ago Bryan and I made a trip to North Carolina to visit his family. We strategically planned this trip to fall on the weekend of his niece's birthday part and a few weeks after the arrival of his newest nephew. We had a really REALLY good time.

Bryan has always felt disconnected from his niece, Olivia, since they live so far away, but it didn't take long for her to warm right up to him(after she insisted he put on a hat to cover his scary green mo hawk...). Also, prior to this trip, my mother-in-law owned a business, so when I went down, the trip consisted of sitting around in a coffee shop for hours out of the day while Bryan and his step dad worked on the Jeep they're building. This time we were able to do a little shopping(after I let Bryan pack... and by pack I mean I put our clothes in a pile on the bed and I trusted him to put them into the duffel bag... and only half of my clothes/items made it with us) and a lot of sewing.
Baby Mason and his crabby butt
The birthday girl!
"He can't be all THAT bad if he's willing to sit on the floor and play with girl toys."


Alicia Kennedy said...

Love the pics!

Katy said...

Thanks :). I miss seeing your pictures... slacker.