Friday, May 20, 2011

Linda's Shower: Part II

This shower had a lot of homemade/handmade pieces. We wanted the shower to be original, but amazing. We made everything right down to the invitations and the thank you cards.
(And I think the thank you cards are adorable...)
I also made shirts for the bride, bridesmaids, and matron of honor.
It was my first time every making an applique. The large portions on the characters are actually fabric pieced that get pinned down and then embroidered on the outside edges.
A girl I was good friends with growing up makes cakes for a living now! She gave us a good deal on a super-sweet cake(There's a better picture farther down).
These were supposed to be hot air balloon baskets. You get the gist, right?!
Of course, it was a rainy day. This was the picture I snapped of the "Yellow brick road" before the rain completely got rid of it.
Witch hat cookies! One of the bridesmaids made these. They were fudge stripe cookies, Hershey kisses, and frosting.
The favor baskets. They were filled with white and two different shade of blue M&M's.
The cake! The hot air balloon says state fair. It's hard to see, but the pink ribbon said "Congratulations Linda" and there are striped little witch feet and a witch hat on the bottom. Even my self-proclaimed cake connoisseur husband said this was the BEST-CAKE-EVER!
Food! Or most of it...
So, there you have it. Cute, huh?

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barbie said...

wow. it looks like so much time and effort went into her shower. You did an amazing job! She's lucky to have you for a sister and MOH!