Friday, May 20, 2011

Linda's Shower: Part I

Last weekend was my sister Linda's bridal shower. We decided to have a Wizard of Oz theme since that's Linda's favorite movie. It was an EXCELLENT time! We had theme invitations, cake, shirts, decorations, and even made poor Linda wear adorable braided pig tails.
We had finger foods, games, and of course - lots of presents!
We had the toilet paper dress game - always hilarious. We also had a game where everyone had a small twirl lollipop and whoever said Steve(Linda's fiance) or wedding would have to give it up, and one of the treat baskets we made had a mini-Toto in it. Whoever ended up with the Toto and the most lollipops got a prize.
We also had pin the heart on the tin man.
It was super adorable.

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