Monday, April 11, 2011

Katy makes things!

I've been on a roll lately! I have my two current quilts almost done, but as I need a break from them from time to time, I've been knocking out little projects! On Saturday, I made invitations for my sisters bridal shower. We're doing a Wizard of Oz theme since that's her favorite movie so they are yellow card stock that we made to look like a yellow brick road with a glittery red shoe and the words "Follow the yellow brick road" on the front. The back is going to be printed by one of her other bridesmaids. They turned out adorable. Also, for my birthday, my mother-in-law signed me up for yoga classes. I love it! However, it is a pain having to go to the classes after work lugging one bag with my change of clothes, water bottle, towel, etc, my purse, shoes(since you can't wear them once you're inside the studio), and my yoga mat. One of the ladies in my class came during the second week of class with a convenient yoga bag that she got off of Amazon for $20. I decided I wanted one too! During my online quest to find a suitable bag, I came across a tutorial for making your own( ). I made some slight adjustments, but there she is in all her glory. It only took me about 45 minutes to make it. It's lined with green fabric and it ties at the top. Obviously a cheaper alternative... it cost me about $6.
Speaking of birthday presents, I found a tutorial( that I used to make what was supposed to be a birthday present for J-Man. There are 26 bean bags in the colors above. They all have a capitalized letter on one side, and the lowercase version of the same letter on the opposite. I started the project super early thinking that embroidering 52 little pieces of fabric was going to be a pain, and ended up getting them done fairly quickly. I took a few hours on two separate nights to get the embroidery done and the rest was cake! From what I hear, he loves them and wants to take them everywhere. I'm so glad that they didn't turn out to be something that seemed great in theory, but flopped. I'd love to be able to make them for our kids someday.


barbie said...

i love the bag!!!!!!! great job. and again, i love the fabric.

I NEED those bean bags! how much for a set?

Katy said...

Just buy the supplies. You'll need fabric, stabilizer, and beans.

I'm not sure how much fabric and stabilizer I used since I used scraps and what stabilizer I already had. The bags start at 6 1/4". I used black beans and ended up using 2 4lb bags and a 1lb bag. I know... it's a lot of beans!

Alicia Kennedy said...

Love the bag too! I want one, and I don't even have a yoga mat. LOL.

The fabric is perfect.

and I told you he made me take them into the restaurant with us the other day? THE WHOLE BAG! Not to mentioned he just saw the picture and was like "MOMMIE!" (aka: THOSE ARE MINE!)

barbie said...

katy, if you made a little tote bag for those bean bags you could totally sell them!!!!! I'd buy a set!!!
I just bought a set of bean bags that were diff shapes (witht he shape name embroidered on bag).

Katy said...

Yeah. I'm so afraid to sell anything I make, though. It will kill all of the fun!

barbie said...

i checked out the tutorial you used. I love that she shows us how to use a regular sewing machine to do the letters (we're not all ballers). However, yours look sooo mcuh better than hers (hehe). And not just the letters, which is kind of a given, but the overall appearance!

Katy said...

Thanks!(I thought so too...)