Thursday, April 21, 2011

Step 3

Step one: Find the love of your life - Check
Step two: Build a life together
Buy a house together - Check
Get married - Check
Step three: ??????

Trying to figure out the next step is a roller coaster of emotions. Most days I'm content with living in the moment, but others I feel like I'm having a quarter-life crisis. Today is the crisis.

I(we?) felt like we knew what we wanted. We wanted to get married and live together and have this perfect little life, so we started the steps to get there. We made it up the first flight of stairs and now we're looking up at the second flight(what everyone expects the next step to be - children), but instead of skipping happily up the next flight, we'd rather bail and hide out on the second floor. I'm not saying that it's a bad thing. We're still young and there's nothing wrong with taking our time. The only problem is that it raises the question, "what now?".

We KNOW that we have to do something about our careers. I hate my job, and he knows that he can't do his forever, but even thinking about going back to school sucks. I've always said that I'd go to school for accounting because I'll be good at it, it pays well, and the credits I've already earned would transfer over. I have a dream job, of course, but the pay is shit and I wasn't lucky enough to land a husband that was handsome AND wealthy. Plus, I’d have to travel to wherever the jobs are, and I wouldn’t want our children to grow up that way.

Currently, I say the best option is to move to Hawaii for 5 years. I can work at a sea turtle reserve or some similar line of work with wild animals and we can live in a small apartment. If it doesn't go anywhere, we move back and still have most of our lives to have kids, make careers, etc. What an experience that would be! Unfortunately, we're not that ballsy.

Likely, we’ll both work our way through college and travel on our free time/money or get knocked up and try to get through school without vacations. Sounds dreamy, huh?


Alicia Kennedy said...

hahaahahahaha - love the last part.

Katy, we've acheived step 3 (and soon 4) and still don't feel fulfilled, so don't worry too much. I keep telling Ryan over and over again that I want to do something risky, something crazy... something new. I have told him on more than one occasion that I want to sell off everything we own (furniture, cars, house, etc) put our personal artifacts in storage and just go. Go where? I have no idea. He's got a pretty hefty 401K - we could do the ultimate 'stupid' and cash that sucker out and live for at least a good year... lol

Katy said...

Lol! At least it's not just me. I get so works up about it sometimes.

Donna Mac said...

Just wanted you to know that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please check my site for the info!