Friday, April 1, 2011

Christmas in March

My good friend Sarah never fails to give us super awesome gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, etc. This last year was no exception. The only exception was that we didn't give them a present at Christmas...

Sarah and her husband welcomed their baby girl into the world in September and I wanted to give them stockings with their names embroidered. Now, if I've learned anything from my sister-in-law, its that some things are worth paying extra for. I feel that stockings are one of these items seeing as families usually keep them around for years and years. For this reason, I didn't end up buying the stockings to embroider until sometime in February(When Pottery Barn FINALLY put them on sale!). They turned out adorable!

I even made one for their dog, Charlie!

Next time I do stockings for someone, I think I'm going to try and make the entire stocking from scratch. It is SUCH a pain to embroider an already assembled stocking...

Of course, I couldn't get away without making something for baby Ava! Bryan's mom bought us both a pattern to make these little letter pillows. Since she has a super short name, I thought I would try them out. I made then in a fabric that I already had so they didn't cost me anything! Also, I picked a fabric that matched her room so they could use them as a decoration. They ended up going in her crib(that she never uses... lol).

Better late than never!



Alicia Stucky said...

Bummer Scarlett's name is so long. :-P Those are awesome!

barbie said...

i love your fabric choice!

Katy said...

Haha, it would be time consuming, but not impossible! If you paint us that picture, I will definitely make Scarlett some letters! lol

Thanks, Barbie. Another lovely gift from the mother-in-law put to good use.