Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday,Marsha!

Today is Marsha's birthday. Our little girl turned two years old today and it was an event to celebrate!

Bryan and I took a trip to the beach on Friday(just for fun), and in Rehoboth, they have the cutest little dog shop on the main strip. We went in because Bryan told them he'd come back with a toy and treats for making them stay in the cage all day while we were out having fun. He kept his promise - but I also picked up a box of cake mix for dogs knowing that Marsha's birthday was right around the corner

So, Bryan whipped the cake up tonight after work and the dogs devoured it. Of course Cocoa had a piece, too. Though I'm sure if Marsha had a choice she wouldn't have shared...

Here was the cake finished. The kit came with everything except the candle and frosting ingredients(cream cheese and peanut butter).

Marsha's little slice of birthday cake.

"Dad, you don't have to hold me. Look at my face - the epitome of self control."

A short period of time later... "Oh God, it smells so good! How long is this freaking song?"

The birthday girl with her birthday cake :)

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