Monday, April 26, 2010

Wedding nightmare

I started to have these dreams shortly after becoming engaged, but they seemed to disappear over the past few months. Last night they came back with a vengeance!

In this dream we didn't have music for cocktail hour, the photographer never took pictures of Bryan and I together, they set everything up at the wrong barn( a blue barn at that), and I had to get something from the store in the middle of the reception but didn't have a car so I had to walk back to the site. It was horrible, but even through all of that I had this wonderful and blissful feeling at the fact that it was our wedding. So even though I hope that the problems at our wedding are small and few, I hope even more that the feeling is there tenfold. It's just over 5 months away now and I can't believe it!


Alicia Kennedy said...

lol, I had thus same types of dreams!

Alicia Stucky said...

I caught pink eye the night before my wedding, my maid of honor showed up in flip-flops, and my son came down with such a bad fever that by the time the photographer took our family photos at the alter, he was stripped out of his tux (that I had been DYING to put him in) and looking half-dead in a "Got Milk" onesie. Our entire reception had to be put on hold so that my parents could take him to an emergency baby-sitter!

And you know what? The only parts that I remember are all of the thousands of things that went so over-the-top better than planned, that I almost can't even believe that was actually MY wedding. Looking back, having those other things fall out of place just made the day that much more memorable, and gives us things to laugh about together today.

You have the right attitude about it. Spencer and I always compare our wedding day to what it's like actually being married -- things RARELY go perfectly according to plan, but if they did, then there wouldn't be any good stories to tell!