Sunday, April 11, 2010

The little things in life...

Bryan is definitely a man who loves his fitted hats(n. a baseball cap that is made without an adjustable strap; designed to 'fit' the head of the owner. "All my fitteds match my kicks, my wardrobe is tight!"). It started a few years ago when we visited my brother in Alabama and they ordered a fitted darkstar hat off the internet for themselves. It was all over after that. His collection has grown to include different colors of the rainbow and he literally has shoes and shirts specifically to match each hat.

Bryan's mom used to own a coffee shop in a small shopping mall in their small town in North Carolina. Their mall had a hat shop that recently closed down as well. As the owners were packing up the shop, she bought two hat racks from them for Bry knowing how much he LOVES his hats. She brought the racks up on her most recent trip, and it was even better than Bryan expected. He no longer has to worry about his hats losing their shape or being thrown around/falling on the floor. It did bring up one problem, though - he doesn't have enough hats to fill up one rack, let alone two! Luckily, that problem has an easy solution.

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