Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow ice cream!

When I was a child, my family and friends would go to a friends place in the Poconos to camp and vacation. We usually went during the summer, but on a handful of occasions, we went during the winter. They always had TONS of snow there. Once or twice I remember my mom making ice cream out of snow. Since we were stuck in the house for most of the day, I thought it would be something fun to try!

I happened to be on the phone with my mom when she reminded me of it and gave me the idea to try it, so she told me what to use and the boys seemed to like it, so it must have turned out well! I'm not a huge fan of ice cream in general, so I didn't eat a bowl, but they did and even went back for seconds. To top it off, my sister bought me a Smuckers ice cream kit for Christmas equipped with the adorable bowls in the picture and multiple toppings such as hot fudge, caramel, strawberry, and nuts/candy pieces among others. It was fun, easy, and definitely something I will do again!
Can you tell I told them to 'smile with their ice cream'? They both look so very excited lol


Anonymous said...

Yum! That sounds so fun!!

Alicia Stucky said...

That is cool. Spencer's mom used to make him snow cones out of ice cream. It's something I've been wanting to do for a long time but never remember when it actually snows.

Alicia Kennedy said...

I just saw this online or something the other day... never heard of it until then. weird.