Thursday, February 11, 2010

It wasn't a snowball fight... it was a WAR!

#79 is officially completed. Anyone who lives in the area or keeps an eye on national news knows that our region has been smothered with feet and feet of snow over the past few weeks. This time, Bryan and I went over to Ryan and Alicia's to be 'snowed in' with them. Since we weren't technically supposed to be driving the roads, sledding was pretty much out of the question.

Instead, we decided to have a snowball fight. Bryan spent half an hour to an hour building bunkers for us to hide behind and Ryan put up a makeshift flag so that we could play capture the flag. It was a lot of fun, although we could have used half a dozen more people. By the end of the battle, we were raiding each others bunkers to smash their arsenal of snowballs and as a grand finale, Bryan and I decided to team up and raid Ryan's bunker together. To top it off, we went inside and were greeted by an amazing cup of Alicia's hot cocoa. It was so much fun!

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