Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fischer Price Train Set

Ok, ladies. My mother recently moved out of our place and when we were moving her, we noticed an old train set of my nephew, Xzairre. He is now 8 years old and is completely uninterested. Before we put it up on E-Bay or Craigslist, I wanted to see if any of you lovely ladies would be interested in having it for your little men. It's obviously a few years old now, but I think its great. They have very easy controls that are easy for kids to use, and if they don't want to use the controls, they can just push them along the tracks. Don't feel pressured to take it, if none of you would like it, we will sell it and give the money to my mother. If more than one of you want it, we'll come up with some sort of a contest :).

The above 3 pictures are some of the accessories that I found. The bottom is my favorite!

Here are the vehicles and the controls. The 4 in the middle are the vehicles and they're in front of their controls. The two on the side go with the packs, but they don't go by the controls. The controls have large knobs that you push up to turn on, and back to turn off. You can even make them honk!

The parts in the tub are the ones that you use to raise the track and the yellow pieces are adorable little guard rails

These are all of the tracks that it comes with. Straight ones, curved ones, bridges, etc.
Let me know, guys.


Alicia Stucky said...

That thing is the shit. Sorry - I'm only just now seeing this bc I've been neglecting my laptop for the past few weeks. That is something that would definitely be up Matthew's alley, but until we switch all the rooms around we're clear out of space for any new toys.

Katy said...

Its currently taking up space in my attic so we can keep it there and whenever you want it, just let us know!