Friday, March 5, 2010

Recently Bryan and I have begun to realize how old and boring we've become. Once we moved into our house, we've spent the majority of our nights on the couch instead of out having fun. Because of this, we've both gained weight, gotten lazier, etc. We're both tired of it! We're trying to make a conscience effort to get out more.

Last night ended up being a good example of this. Earlier on we registered at Macy's and since Bry's Aunt works in the registry department, she always tells us of deals and special they're having. Last night they had a 'sip and scan' event where they had vendors, finger foods, drinks, and presentations for ladies that came up to register. It was actually a nice time. We added a few things to our registry and they gave out gifts to all of the couples for coming out.

Following that, we went home for a little bit, but then we headed back out around 10:45 to catch the 3D midnight release of Alice in Wonderland. As you might remember from a previous post about Mary Poppins on Broadway, Alice in Wonderland was one of a handful of movies we owned as children. I think its a movie my mom bought us the first time we got a VCR(lol). I was very skeptical of this movie going in... but I quite enjoyed it. Unlike Charlie and the Chocolate factory that was irritatingly similar to Willy Wonka, this one was different enough that the movie wasn't spent making angry comparisons.

It was very enjoyable. I hope it just a sign of things to come.

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