Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'm contemplating doing something I've told myself I wouldn't do.

I currently have my ears gauged. I was actually letting them close up a year or two ago, but it was also while I was making the transition to Bank of America and my dress code was drastically changed on a daily basis. I felt like I was losing a part of who I was. To counterbalance this change, I decided to re gauge my ears to keep a small bit of my punk/skater touch(damn the man!). Currently they're at what I consider to be a modest/tasteful size.

I once again considered letting them close up to be able to wear traditional earrings on my wedding day. I decided to keep the gauge and treat Bryan and myself to earrings from a website I've liked for a while. It's called Omerica Organic and they make wooden organic and handmade plug earrings. Due to this they're a bit pricey, but when I read on their site that their company is 100% wind powered and that for every wooden piece they sell they plant a tree, I was all about spending a little bit more money to support a business that's into giving back instead of only taking.

At first I was dead set on this pair: side hearts. They're tasteful and adorable. I would have to gauge my ears up one more size(which would barely be noticeable) and you can pick out what color wood for the plug and the heart inlay! The only problem with the earrings was that I was afraid of how noticeable the hearts would be on such small plugs. Would it even be worth it?

Well, I was at Alicia's on Friday and I was showing her the website when she pointed out these new plugs. They have BIG hearts and on the backside of the plug, it says LO VE! They'd be perfect! Then I checked the size... I would have to go up THREE sizes! That pretty much takes it from tasteful to "why do you have big holes in your ears". At one point, I'm thinking "who cares, it would be worth it for the earrings" but on the other side... I'm just not sure if I want to go that big! Bryan seems excited at the idea. He said, "Well you were going to have to gauge them to get the first pair, so do that gauge TONIGHT and see how you feel about gauging it even more!"
I'm not sure what I want to do. Thankfully I still have 7 months until I really need to have my mind made up.

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