Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh, Christmas tree!

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, Bryan and I took a trip down to Coleman's Tree Farm in Middletown to cut down our Christmas tree. Not only is this year our first Christmas in our first house, but it's the first time we actually went to cut down our Christmas tree together. Some people are Christmas people and some people are not - we totally are. It is torturous for us to wait until after Thanksgiving to take out decorations and start showing enthusiasm(without being completely lame).

The following weekend we were going to visit Bryan's parents in North Carolina, so to prevent the disappointment of only being able to enjoy our Christmas tree for two short weeks, we decided to squeeze it in to our busy holiday weekend. After walking the whole tree lot, we found the perfect tree for our living room, took it home, and decorated it that night.

I love the smell of a Christmas tree and the glow of the lights!

90. Go to a farm and cut down a Christmas tree


Alicia Stucky said...

We've been waiting until Matthew's a little bit older to get a real x-mas tree, so that he can enjoy the experience with us. We got a really pretty artificial tree so that we wouldn't have to worry about sweeping up pines all the time, but even with our pre-lit Home Depot tree, our cat is constantly knocking down the ornaments and tugging at the limbs. I'm always having to sweep up the little ice crystals that came on the tree. We're planning on getting a dog sometime within the next few years. Has Marsha bothered the tree too much since you got it?

Katy said...

The only thing we have to worry about with Marsha is putting the candy canes up high enough, lol. She's actually really good with it. If one of the ornaments that look like a toy fall, she might try to play with it, but not usually. Cats are much worse with that stuff!