Monday, December 14, 2009

Marsha's first vacation/long car ride!

We've had Marsha for about a year and a half, so she was due for her first family vacation/road trip. The weekend after Thanksgiving, Bryan, Marsha, and I went down to visit some of his family down in North Carolina. Marsha made the trip down seem twice as long because she didn't know where she wanted to stand - because she didn't want to sit or lay AT ALL. Her favorite position seemed to be standing on Bryan's lap looking out the windshield which didn't always prove to be the safest.

Up until then, Marsha had only been in the car to go to the park, vet, or some other fairly short ride. As with most dogs, her favorite part of the ride is sticking her head out of the window and sucking in all of the different smells with her powerful hound nose. Unfortunately, going over 70MPH on 95 doesn't exactly make this the most comfortable thing, so she had to settle for doing it only on the small side roads.

The ride home was much better. While in North Carolina, I made Marsha a soft dog bed out of fleece material. So that, mixed with the memory of how long the last car ride was, convinced Marsha that laying down was probably the better alternative for our returning trip. Plus, she was completely exhausted! All in all - a very successful first trip for our little girl(and some much needed alone time before bringing in a #2).

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