Monday, December 21, 2009

89. Go sledding

As all of you should know, on Saturday my area was slammed with a foot and a half of snow. Since my sister does snow removal in the winter at her job, I had my nephew the whole weekend, and took the opportunity to take him out sledding(I'm always looking for ways to keep him from plugging himself in to the TV). So Bryan, Xzairre, and I swung over to pick up Ryan and headed to the church/school on Polly Drummond Rd. It just so happened that while we were there, so was a photographer from the News Journal. He took a few pictures of the boys going down the hill, and even though I was completely disappointed that none of the pictures of Bryan and Ryan sledding together made the cut, I was enthralled to see that a picture of Xzairre made it onto He was photographed sledding down the hill with a friend he made while we were there. Don't you just love the excitement on their faces?

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