Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Orange Wedding Shoes

One of the things I decided early on in the planning stages of our wedding is that I would be wearing orange accessories. No only is orange my favorite color, but since we decided to be married in the fall, it was an undeniable choice for a main color in the wedding.

Believe it or not - orange shoes are hard to find. I guess not everyone has the same affinity for orange as I do... Imagine that. Throughout some intense searches, I was able to find two pair of shoes that I was willing to try out.

After trying them on, there was no question about which ones I liked better. I picked the shoes on the right. They're dressier, closer to the hue of orange I was looking for, and I think the shape is better. However, I am still going to stay on the lookout to make sure there's nothing better out there!

1 comment:

barbie said...

i prefer the ones on the right as well. good choice!

(i wore orange toe nail polish at my wedding :-)