Monday, December 7, 2009

Merry Christmas to us!

We're getting a puppy! While looking online we found a litter of beagle puppies from NC that were saved from a full high-kill shelter. We weighed the options, and in the light of the recent horrible death of my family dog(not Marsha - my dads dog), we decided that we should give another dog the chance to live the carefree life that Marsha has. So on the 19th of December, Bryan and I will meet up with the shelter rep to pick up the newest member of our family!

Her name is currently BeBe, but we're not looking to keep that name. We want to have a name picked out for her when she comes home and we're having a tough time picking one.

Here are some of the names that we either considered or are considering still:

Marla (Would be cute with Marsha)
Snowball (Christmas puppy, but doesn't turn into a nickname easily)
Cocoa (Winter name that goes well with Marshmellows.. get it?)
Mokey (From Fraggle Rock... I love muppets)
Wilma (Ok, this ones not serious. But how great would it be to yell WIIILMA when she's done something bad?)
Twinkle (Like christmas lights. Twinkie or Twinks for short)

Unfortunately, that's all we've gotten so far. Any suggestions or likes/dislikes would be appreciated! Poll on the right to vote!


Alicia Kennedy said...

I vote cocoa. And you should put up a poll for other readers

Katy said...

I don't really have other readers. Just you and Barbie lol

brittany frates said...

i think cocoa is cute :) goes with marshmellows, adorable!

Alicia Kennedy said...

Looks like you were wrong sucker! You already have more votes then I ever got on my hair poll :(

barbie said...

all these you HAVE to blog more often!

Katy said...

I posted the link on my facebook and asked people to vote - thats the only reason lol. People love puppies.