Monday, January 9, 2012

Bryan's First Day of School

I believe shortly after the wedding I blogged about how difficult it was to decide what our next step was because we felt we were being pulled in so many different directions.  That is still true.  It seems like every passing month there's a noticeable increase of the subject of children in our conversations, but we know that although we love our life just the way it is now, we're not ready to bring children into it.  There are things we want to work on in our careers, our relationship, and our lives in general.

The number one object of our attention is our careers.  Right now we both have stable jobs in large corporations that pay us well for the fact that we don't have much(in my case) or any(in Bryan's case) college education.  While this has served us well until now, there are a list of reasons why it might not be enough in the future:

  1. Kids are expensive.
  2. Corporations are evil.  Although right now we're safe because we're the worker bees, if we ever tried to move up in the corporation to management or some other higher position, they're always the first on the chopping block when it comes to lay offs and 'reorganization'.
  3. Most women I know around my age that have kids were not happy as full time working mothers with their children in daycare.  We would like to have the ability to drop one of us down to part-time work at least -you know, just in case.
  4. Our house will fit two kids well enough in the beginning, but eventually we'll outgrow this house.
  5. I went to Disney World for the first time 3 months ago, and dammit, my kids just aren't going to have to wait that long!

Doesn't he coordinate so well?  He didn't want to take the blue car for fear of looking like an idiot.

So, I am very proud to say that today was Bryan's first day of college!  He's going to a community college to get his associates in network engineering and his hope is to be able to get a job at a school district or college so he'll have the same schedule as our future kids(see how everything comes back to them now... when did that happen?).  I'm so proud of him for going back after so long and wish him the best of luck!


barbie said...

i'M so happy for you guys!! This is definitely the semester to go back to school. Bryan, my BIL, my Cousin (in his 40s), ME!

My ultimate goal is to get a job in a school so that I have the same schedule as my kids (among other reasons). Crazy thing is that I knew I wanted to have an accomodating schedule for my kids well before I actually had kids (much like Bryan....thinking ahead). Good luck to Bryan (and you. It's not always easy to support these time-consuming decisions)

Katy said...

Thanks! The plan is for me to finish school as well... just have to get started. But, you're right. I know it's just the first week and we have to get into some kind of a pattern, but it's been REALLY tough! We really miss having the quality time together at night, and our household responsibilities have fallen to the wayside because I decided to take advantage of the Katy-time and spend his nights at school at the gym and yoga. We know they're all good decisions, so we just hope we adapt to them very soon.

Chelle said...

I still get a kick out of that picture. Yay for school! I can't wait to start back Summer semester. I'll only have 1 class so I'll still be able to hang out if you guys get the chance to visit. :D

Shawn said...

I love the photos and I think it is safe to say that you are long overdue for a new post!