Friday, March 4, 2011


(Sorry some of the picture are so bad, but I wasn't willing to risk my camera so these are from Bry's iPhone)
Wednesday night, Bryan and I attended a concert at the TLA on South Street in Philly. It was the first time we've ever been to that venue, and we liked it very much. As usual, we were awkwardly early. We got there and had to wait 15 minutes or so for the doors to even open. It gave us a perfect amount of time to go upstairs and get ourselves shirts and we still made it to the stage in time to be right on the fence up front! Compared to the Electric Factory where we've seen most of our shows, the stage is lower and closer to the fence, so it made for a REALLY awesome show!
The first band to play was The Green. They're a reggae band from Hawaii. There's a cool backstory to explain a little bit of why we were so excited about them. When we were in the airport flying from Maui back to Oahu, we saw people checking in multiple guitar cases and ended up having a small conversation with the guy doing so. Well, not until we arrived at the show and saw the bands logo did we realize that it was the logo we saw plastered all over their instruments! Anyway, they were actually a REALLY good band and we ended up going back up after the show to purchase their CD. The band after them was called Giant Guerilla Panda Dub Squad. We were so excited to see them because they had such an awesome name, but they were VERY mellow(think Bob Marley) and very nearly put us to sleep.
Of course the last band, the band everyone was there for, was Rebelution. They were AMAZING! They played songs from both of their albums and even some brand new ones. He even played some songs on the acoustic which always makes me all googly-eyed.

I do want to express again how awesome of a venue we found it to be. We were so close to the band that when they got really close to the edge of the stage and leaned in we could reach their instruments. Then the security guard brought us free cups of ice water(I think for standing in the one spot the whole time and having to get kicked around as they tried to grab crowd surfers from directly above our heads). Also, after the show, the bands stuck around to hang out with the fans. One of their friends spun records and we were all invited to hang out and drink with them. We didn't end up staying very long because the bevy of 16-year-olds were driving us CRAZY! (And it was already 12, Bryan had to wake up for work at 5:30, and it was an hour drive home)

It was definitely one of the best concerts we've been to so far!

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