Saturday, February 5, 2011

Diamond Head

So, remember my first Hawaii post? I showed you a picture of Diamond Head and said you'd see it from a different angle later? Here's your different angle! Any book, website, or person you talk to about Oahu has the Diamond Head hike on the "Must do/Must see" list. It's a very VERY tiring hike, but it's very much worth the sweat(and in my case, blood). Not only do you get a view of the "Diamond Head Crater", but you get a panoramic view of the valley behind you and Waikiki.

On the hike up!
The inside of the crater.
Waikiki. I can't point it out on this picture now, but when we were up there, we could find our hotel.
The houses :)

Did I ever mention how one of my favorite things about Hawaii was the clouds? The earth their is so wet that there are CONSTANT big, fluffy, beautiful clouds(P.S. I love clouds).

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