Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cool Kids VS. Old White People

A few weeks ago I was sitting back and looking at our life as a whole. Of course I was thinking of how much I adore my husband, our dogs, our house, etc, but I HATE the fact that we never do anything! Bryan's excuse is always "I'm tired" or "We don't have a lot of money". OK, I get that. But what am I supposed to do when my husband is tired EVERY TIME I suggest doing something unless its going to Ryan and Alicia's or some family-type function or something with HIS friends. Also, I was getting tired of hearing weeks/days later, "Yeah, when you guys didn't come to -insert event here-" and it was the first time I was even hearing about it, and sometimes it was something I would have loved to do! So, once again Bry and I had a talk. It started like this: "I'm tired of never doing anything. If you're tired ALL the time, we need to figure out why. We need to give you a bedtime or go to the doctor and get you tested for iron deficiency, etc. If you want to be like our friends who have kids so they don't get out much, then maybe we should seriously talk about having kids so at least we have an excuse for staying home". I also told him that he tricked me into marrying him. He was like, "oooh look at me I'm so much fun" then I agreed to marry him and it's a different side I see(haha, I say that(jokingly) all the time).This came after we went out to dinner with his Comcast friends and then for a few drinks at Timothy's afterwards. They then went somewhere on Main St for a few drinks and he made us go home and I was bummed because I was having a lot of fun and drinking for the first time in a long time. I pouted ALL THE WAY HOME.

He listened stubbornly(as always). But, later on that night he had a revelation(after saying he went home because it was getting late and stayed up 2 hours after we got home anyway...), in his words "You're right. The old Fig would have stayed out anyway". So after that came a new promise which not only reinstated the "no TV" rule, but added that he'll try and do more fun things. It's been about 3 weeks now and we have had SO MUCH FUN! We've been bowling 3 times(which we used to love so much we did it 3x a week... he even has his own ball and shoes), out to dinner multiple times, out to the movies, to a play at DuPont, and we've made plans for two concerts, another play, and many, many other events. I keep trying to tell Bry that I want to have our lives in order before we have kids. I'm not just talking about money. I'm talking about sitting back and figuring out what we want our life to be. What we want our life to consist of and making that happen!

I love this part of our lives.

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