Thursday, January 20, 2011


I think it goes without saying that Hawaii was amazing. We both agree that it was the most memorable time of our lives and we wish we could move there to relive it over and over again. I've decided to break our trip down by event to share with you!

When we first arrived in Hawaii, we were on the island of Oahu and were taken completely by surprise. The Waikiki area is nothing like what you expect when you think of a Hawaiian vacation. We checked into our hotel(which was a little on the shady side, but we knew would be seeing as we decided to put most of our hotels on a budget in order to do more on the islands) and found out that we were on the top floor! Sounds cool, right? Not when you ride a rickety glass elevator all the way to the 40th floor... The room was mediocre, but the view was to die for! It had a 10 foot panoramic view of Ala Moana beach.

We enjoyed the hotel until the night that our neighbors intoxicated girlfriend was on the ledge of our window crying telling him that she was going to jump... I slept right through it, but Bryan was terrorized by it. He wouldn't talk about much else until we checked out(earlier than planned).

The view from our first hotel

So, our first night on the island, we were planning on relaxing. We put our bathing suits on under some clothes and decided to take a stroll. We stopped at a mall to get some face wash and found Ala Moana Beach Park. We ventured in to enjoy some sun, sand, and amazing views!

Bryan watching the surfers

Diamond head(which you will see from another angle in a different post)

The happy couple watching the sunset.

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Alicia Stucky said...

You're back!! I'm so excited! :-D I can't wait to catch up on married life on Saturday!

Ok, I'm gonna stop talking in exclamation points now... :-P Don't forget the pictures.(!!)