Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Dole Plantation

On our first full day in Oahu we took a bus to the Dole Plantation. This was a part of the trip I was really excited about. It didn't really live up to expectations. It was a tourist trap. I mean, it might be good if you have kids. There's a maze and a train you can take around the plantation, but it just didn't do it for us.
The first exhibit we went into was the worlds largest maze. It sounds cool, but after 5-10 minutes you're ready to leave. To keep my sanity, I spent my time taking pictures of hibiscus flowers. Good ole Bry chugged along, though, and completed the maze. Then we went into the garden tour... that was literally a garden. You walked into a small patch of adorable baby pineapples, then you walk into a hibiscus garden, some other kinds of trees, and then you realize its retarded and walk out. One thing made it all worth it though, Dole Whip. Delicious mouthwatering pineapple flavored ice cream with pineapple chunks! Mmm! We had a pineapple float with fresh pineapple juice... and actually went back for seconds later on in the trip. So, moral of the story, go to Dole Plantation for the ice cream(you won't regret it).
A pink pineapple!

Amen, Mr. Dole, amen.

My silly husband...

The worlds largest maze

Bryan so diligently trying to read the tiny map of the maze

Me on the "guided tour"

Cute little baby pineapple

One of the many flowers I captured

The coup de grace - a pineapple float!

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