Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I have one question:


I've come across this picture and others before while online within the past two years. Sometimes I will do a google image search for beagles just to see how adorable other peoples beagles are. I assumed that since all of the pictures I saw were like this one(obviously from times long past) that beagle testing no longer happens. I mean, we couldn't still be that barbaric, could we? WRONG! I've cried for half an hour over a recent picture of a beagle with stitches going across its skull because they conducted a surgery to remove part of its brain so that it would no longer resist during their experiments. I've had to cover my eyes and ask Bryan to close out of a website for me because I was so nauseated and heart broken by what I saw. How can this still be happening? Who do I have to hurt to make it stop? Where are these laboratories so I can conduct a freedom mission?

I want it to end and I want it to end NOW.

What has to happen before people take animal cruelty seriously? OK, I get it that asking Ben and Jerry's to use human breast milk in their ice cream instead of cows milk is extreme(true story - PETA is a little over the top at times), but why are beagles and other animals STILL being hooked up to cigarette machines such as the ones in the picture while so many humans are willingly paying loads of money to subject themselves to the same 'experimentation' on a daily basis? Who thinks that this is OK, and if so, when is the last time you've had a psych evaluation? If I have to stand outside of some laboratory with a sign to try and help make this stop, then by all means - show me where to stand!

I am completely flabbergasted...


Alicia Kennedy said...

I'm free weekdays... We can protest together.

airika121 said...

It's unbelievable what is still going on in the world. With all of the huge steps the country has made, its still in the stone age when it comes to animals- and its horrible :( The worst thing is once you see/know things like that, you cant un-see/know it :(