Thursday, January 21, 2010

Theatre, not to be confused with theater

A few years ago, Bryan and I made a weekend trip to New York and caught a show of the Lion King on Broadway while we were there. I was very skeptical at first seeing as the Lion King was my #1 favorite movie growing up. I watched it once a day for at least a year and a half... it was a bit ridiculous and my family still won't let me hear the end of it, but its a good movie. Can you blame me? Back on topic - I absolutely loved it. I felt like a starry-eyed child the whole time. Since then, I've seen three other Broadway shows. I love the theatre!

On our most recent trip to NYC, Alicia and I made plans to attend a show. We planned to see Phantom of the Opera, but we were unable to get the tickets ahead of time so plans changed. For most of the day it looked doubtful that we would be attending a play at all. We tried going into each theatre to purchase tickets, purchasing them online with Alicia's phone, and lastly we decided to check these TKTS booths that both of us have heard about. The line was long so we were hesitant at first, but it was well worth the wait! We were able to get excellent seats and 50% off the regular price! To anyone going to New York with plans to see a play - I would highly recommend using them! Although, it will be a little bit riskier if you have a particular play in mind - especially if its a very popular one.

We decided while at the booth to see Mary Poppins instead. I will tell you, it was not supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. It was cute - Don't get me wrong, but as a big fan of Mary Poppins, I was very disappointed. While we were very young, we only owned a handful of movies: Back to the Future, Crocodile Dundee, Alice in Wonderland, Sweating to the Oldies, and Mary Poppins(An interrupted recording from the Disney Channel), so understandably that movie was a regular during the early years of my childhood. There were many scenes cut out of the theatrical version such as the carousel race, the barn scene/penguin dance, laughing on the ceiling, the boat on top of the house, weird things were added like a dancing statue, a scene in a magical candy/conversation shop, an evil nanny(not just Katie Nana) and my favorite part, steppin' time, was merely tap dancing. I'm glad I saw it, I only wish I could show the producer how it should have been done!


Alicia Kennedy said...

that whole last paragraph seriously made me "LOL". Especially the list of childhood movies.

Alicia Kennedy said...

and that reminds me that I have yet to mail you your pictures... ::opening up a new window to upload to shutterfly now::

barbie said...

I have always heard nothing but wonderful things about the lion show show on broadway. I even heard that the opening scene (where i guess they come down the aisles??) brings tears to some peoples eyes.

Katy said...

I can honestly say I had goosebumps for half of the whole show! If you ever see a play on Broadway, I would highly recommend that its that one. All of the others I've seen couldn't begin to compete.