Thursday, January 21, 2010

The satisfaction of finding a really good deal

I've been blessed/cursed with a groom that wants to be a part of the wedding plans. Because of this, I try to ask him about every decision that needs to be made about the wedding to see if he has an idea or if he likes mine. 75% of the time he only half listens to what I say and says it sounds great even if he doesn't have a clue what I'm talking about, but that other percentage of the time - He knows EXACTLY what he wants.

In May of 2008, Bryan was the best man in his sister Alicia's wedding. Instead of having everyone rent a tuxedo, they decided to have all of the groomsmen buy suits. It ended up being a good idea. The suit wasn't much more than Bryan spent to rent a tux for his brothers wedding months earlier, and I can count at least 3 occasions on which he's worn it since then. In the beginning stages of the planning process, I asked him what he wanted him and his groomsmen to wear. At that point he began to rant about how much he liked their idea/how much of a deal it is/how much he loved his suit. After a gentle reminder that some people may have a problem with the idea - the plans were set.

I could be mistaken, but I think it was actually Alicia and I that found the suits at Men's Wearhouse once when we were out about looking at dresses. They were perfect. They were brown just like we wanted and they were Sean John(which makes them even better in Bryan's eyes). For the last six months I've been watching the roller coaster prices on the stores website. Just yesterday I checked and the 'sale' was $399 buy one get one for 100. I didn't think the sale was going to change between today and yesterday seeing as it wasn't a weekend or a beginning of a month like most stores wait for, but I really didn't feel like working at the time, so I figured I'd check anyway.

Much to my surprise, they fell from $399 to $199 with the same BOGO deal! I felt like jumping up and shouting for joy! I was convinced that we would be lucky if we got them for $200 a piece, but $15o is that much better! That is literally only dollars more than what he spent to rent a tux for his brothers wedding. I think I'm almost as excited about the suits as I am for my own wedding gown! I am anxiously waiting to be able to pick the suits up and see them all try them on. Now I have visions of colorful ties dancing in my head. I love this part!


barbie said...

wow that's awesome. Good for you for keeping a watching eye on the prices!! How many groomsmen are you guys having??

Katy said...

4. It makes for an odd number, but I think Curt is going to get a suit as well, so it works out!

Alicia Kennedy said...

A great deal indeed!