Friday, September 30, 2011

Our 1st Anniversary - At Home

Today we celebrated our one year anniversary at home. We got dressed up and ate at a fantastic Italian restaurant called Soffritto’s. When we got home we ate the actual top tier of our wedding cake from our freezer(which was surprisingly still moist and delicious) and reminisced about our wedding day.

Our first year as a married couple wasn’t that much different than the 3 years before besides the fact that people were calling me Mrs. Wilson(it STILL sounds weird) and Bryan wears a piece of jewelry other than his gauged earrings. Don’t get me wrong, it was an absolutely GREAT year, but how was this year EVER supposed to top the year before? What could really top all of the planning, presents, excitement, love, pampering, and traveling that we did the year before? It couldn’t. More than anything, it’s left us wondering what’s next for us while wanting to do everything at once. College, babies, traveling, etc.

I’ve realized that our first anniversary is less of a celebration in our marriage as it is in our relationship as a whole. To think back on how long we’ve been together, the things we’ve been through, and the life we’ve made together is what’s really rewarding. Last week Bry hung some pictures up in our room that I had found from years back. One of them was a picture of us on our first dating anniversary where I decorated the frame with little stickers that said “Wouldn’t it be nice”. It really brought me back to the time when that Beach Boys song was our anthem. The days when so many people didn’t want us to be together and we clung to the idea that one day when we were older we’d be able to be together and no one could stop us. To think that we’ve made it to this point through so MANY pitfalls, speed bumps, and sticky situations and still came out with enough enthusiasm and love for each other to get married and still believe we may have a “happily ever after” is amazing. Sometimes we’ll think back on some of the situations we’ve been in and wonder why we didn’t throw in the towel, but we’re so glad we didn’t.

Bryan's response to this when I showed it to him really said it all: "Awww that makes me so happy :) it's all so true! We need to try and make every year of our lives exciting and do things to make every year memorable!" Well said, Mr. Wilson, well said.

Happy Anniversary, my love, and here's to many more memorable years!

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Alicia Stucky said...

Talking about eating the top tier of the cake made me get all butterfly-in-the-tummy, lol... I remember how exciting it was for us to take the cake out before we left for our anniversary dinner. It's such a goofy little tradition, but still, it was fun. :-)

I remember it feeling like it was always going to feel weird to be called Mrs. Stucky, but whenever I think back to college or I bump into someone who doesn't know my new name yet -- it feels insanely werid to remember that this wasn't always my name, lol.

Happy anniversary!