Friday, April 2, 2010

Katy and Bryan first!

Last night Bryan and I got our first tattoos!

My tattoo was on my right foot. Its a Beatles lyric from the first Beatles song I've ever fallen in love with and its become sort of a motto in my life.(the color on my foot is sharpie - not tattoo lol)

Bryan's tattoo was on the side of his right calf. His tattoo is an emblem from his favorite skateboard brand, Darkstar.
It was a great experience! Neither of us knew exactly what to expect. Poor Bryan went in the chair first and was visibly trembling until the needle touched him for the first time. I knew more of what to expect, so it wasn't so bad, but the foot has some VERY tender spots!


Alicia Stucky said...

I actually like the green undershadow of the lyrics, lol.. Did you do that because you're going to add color to it later?

Katy said...

lol no the green undershadow is the sharpie because thats what he used to outline the design. I have thought about adding color, though. I guess we'll see.

Chelle said...

Nice tattoos! :D

Katy said...

Thanks! Its your turn next ;). We always talked about getting tattoos together... lol.