Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our Engagement Party!

On September 5th, Bryan and I hosted our engagement party. We held a picnic-themed barbecue at our home. Thanks to the help of friends and family, everything turned out great!

This was all of the delicious food. Bryan and I are very simple, easy-to-please people. We provided a smorgasbord of delicious food such as barbecue chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, meatballs(courtesy of Grandma Wilson), fruit salad, pasta salad, chips, dip, salsa, etc. Instead of buying a cake, our dessert consisted of a number of different flavored cupcakes that my family and I made. I want to save them for a separate post because I loved them so much.
These were the table decorations. To keep on with the picnic theme, we took baskets and filled them with a red fabric liner, squeeze bottles of ketchup, mustard, and BBQ sauce, a pail of flowers, plastic cutlery, paper cups, etc. We also had a different set of adorable salt and pepper shakers at each table and the classic picnic tablecloths.

Our plan was to make a very laid back party. We made plenty of different areas to sit at and even had a volleyball net set up - people seemed to love it! Hopefully it was a mouth-watering taste of whats yet to come!

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barbie said...

I had a wonderful time at your engagement party!! It was very relaxed with great food and great company. You even hired a clown! how cool (haha kidding. this is a bit of an inside joke going back to r&a's rehearsal dinner). Thanks again for having our family!!