Monday, September 14, 2009

93. Put up fence

Bryan finally got around to finishing our fence yesterday! This project was not so much for us as it was for our darling dog, Marsha... and to keep mischievous kids out of our yard. Our dog is very high strung and has a problem with wanting to use the hallway as her toilet, so it's so relieving to finally have this finished. Plus, both Bryan and I were looking forward to being able to let go of the leash and let her run free!

This is Marsha trying so hard to contain her excitement so that her daddy will throw the toy for her!
Running back to give it a second try... I love it when she lets her ears hang low.
"Well, are you going to throw it, or what?"
She's so cute when she plays tug-o-war. She doesn't understand that a 200 lb man can easily over power a 20 lb dog.
My favorite picture of the night. It shows her true self - wild and crazy. All in all, the fence was well worth the wait.

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