Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I would like some opinions from any married women. Now that we've found our venue, we've decided who we will use for our photographs. It was actually easy seeing as one person wouldn't go out of Delaware. The part that I would appreciate opinions on actually has to deal with the packages. There were two packages and they were approximately $1500 different.

Higher Package:
  • 7 hours of coverage
  • 600+ pictures in a proof catalog
  • 65 pictures in an album
  • Complimentary engagement session

Cheaper Package:

  • 5 hours of coverage
  • 400+ pictures in a proof catalog
  • 45 pictures in an album
  • Engagement session available for extra cost

So, questions:

Those of you who had an engagement session: Was it worth it?

Those who didn't have an engagement session: Do you wish you did?

Those of you who had pictures taken of you getting ready or of your whole reception: Did you love them? Were they worth it?

If you didn't: Do you wish you did?

You get the drift. Help a lady out!


barbie said...

my thoughts:

I did not do an egagement photo shoot. The night Kevin proposed to me was actually formal night on a cruise, so we bought the formal photo of us all dressed up. My advice to you is to maybe throw few bucks at Alicia and have her do a little shoot.

5 hours vs 7 hours is a tough choice. It will help that your ceremony wont be catholic-long and it helps that you are having the ceremony and reception at the same site. Because of these reasons I would think 5 hours is enough. I guess it would help to work out a rough timeline before making a final decision. Just remember most receptions get everything out ofthe way pretty quickly (as far as special dances, cake cutting, garter) and then the remainder of the night is just dancing. If you go with the 5 hour package you may want to ask your coordinator to make sure those events do in fact take place earlier rather than later.

The getting ready photos are very nice to have and it's fun having them taken. However, they probably wont be the photos you flip to when you want to revisit yoru wedding day. You'll probably be more interested in the sweet ceremony moments and the FUN reception!!!

Also, (sorry for the novel here) something to keep in mind is that you can have "anyone" take getting ready photos. You almost NEED a photographer to take the reception photos because they seem to know what to do with that dark lighting (ever notice you can never get a good picture at a reception because its so dark). Maybe consider having a friend take some getting ready photos if it comes right down to it.

ok, those are my thoughts. :-)

Alicia Kennedy said...

blah - I worte you a novel and my internet crapped out on me... ask me in person next time we're together.